After practicing, teaching, promoting Biodecoding® around the world, Christian Flèche and his team of trainers continue to be dedicated to the transmission of Biodecoding®, and this time, in the MENA region to provide training for the Certifications for:
Level I – Biodecoding® Coach
Level II – Biodecoding® Counselor
Level III – Biodecoding® Psycho-Bio-Practioner 

About the Biodecoding® technique

On the emotional mode, an illness starts at an instant, following a bio-shock, which is called a triggering conflict, because it triggers, awakens a conflictual story from the past, or a programming conflict. An illness would therefore have a meaning. It would be a biological survival program to adapt to an unmanageable situation, a source of stress.

With focus on listening to bodily sensations and feelings, Biodecoding® allows one to trace the emotional origin of symptoms, to decode their meaning and to release one’s feelings, to open up to new experiences by becoming the creator of one’s own life.

About the school of Biodecoding®

The school of Biodecoding® proposes certifying courses for the participants who acquire the validating competencies. Certification levels are: Level I – Counselor; Level II – Coach; Level III – Practitioner.


This training is addressed to:

Persons interested in self-development:

To learn the impact of one’s emotions on one’s biology and how to liberate them so as to advance on one’s personal path

Professionals and future professionals :

To use Biodecoding® in counseling and therapy.

Level I - 2022 - Biodecoding® Coach
Levels I I - I I I - 2022 : Conflictology Cycle
Date 2022 Feb 10-13; Mar 11-13; Apr 2-3; May 14-15; Jun 11-12; Sep 8-11

The biological meaning of symptoms; The two logics; The path of the feeling;
The bio-shock; The primary and secondary feelings and needs;
Different types of conflicts; The 3 illusions in biology; Link psyche /brain /body;
Phylogenesis and ontogenesis; Procrustean and diagnosis conflicts;
"Biologization" options; Allergies; The neuro-vegetative system; Inflammation;
The phases of illness; The epileptic crisis; Self-triggering conflict; Deficiencies;
Syndrome of exhaustion; Chronic diseases; Fear conflict; Germs and infections;
Three types of conflicts; Real, irrational and symbolic; The Eraser and the Inkpot;
Anatomy and physiology of the brain; Headaches and brain tumors; Cancer;
Right and left sides; The biological entrance portal; Locking conflicts;
Introduction to predicates; Pain; Laterality; Masculine and feminine feelings;
Non-gendered feelings; Hormonal changes; Pregnancy and birth;
Introduction to behavioral disorders; Structure of a Biodecoding® session.

The 1st stage: Brain Stem
The 2nd stage: Cerebellum
The 3rd stage: Cerebral Medulla
The 4th stage: Cerebral Cortex

Evaluation and validation as a Biodecoding® Counselor

Throughout the curriculum, protocols are presented and practiced. The classification of themes by module is provided as an indication. The themes will be set according to the course of the training and the group dynamic

Sophie Favarel
Sophie Favarel

Psycho-bio-therapist, Sports Educator, Ergonomics Advisor, Psycho-body therapist, Family Constellator, Practitioner in Hypnosis

Mirella Vallance
Mirella Vallance

Psycho-Bio Therapist, Somatotherapy, Functional Movement Therapy, Kinesiology and Fleurs de Bach


Location: Online on zoom

Registration to the cycle of Biobasics of 17 days

*Monthly Instalments: Pay in instalments each month between Sep 2021 until August 2022.
(For Lebanese residents: pay half in USD and the LBP equivalent of the other half at half the market rate)

 *Payment in 1 instalment: Pay $2,000 by 5 Feb 2022
(For Lebanese residents: pay $1000 in USD and the equivalent of $1000 in LBP at half the market rate)

*Registration to only Module 1 - Initiation to Biodecoding (4 days) at $400


7am-3pm (UTC)

Limited number of participants

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Date 7-10 Apr, 5-8 May, 2-5 Jun, 6-9 Oct, 3-6 Nov, 8-11 Dec and 1 dates TBD in 2023

Module 1 – PCU : Pneumo, Cardio, Uro, supervision.

Module 2 – DG : Digestive, Gyneco, supervision.

Module 3 – NE : Neuro, Endocrino, supervision.

Module 4 – OH : Ostheo, Hemato, supervision.

Module 5 – ODO : Ophtalmo, Dermato, Ear, supervision

Module 6 – Behavioral Disorders 2nd part. Date TBD - optional course

Module 7 – Validation. Date to be determined

Mirella Vallance
Mirella Vallance

Psycho-Bio Therapist, Somatotherapy, Functional Movement Therapy, Kinesiology and Fleurs de Bach

Christian Flèche
Christian Flèche

Christian Flèche created in 1994 the Practical Biological Decoding of diseases. Psycho-Bio-Therapist, Master in NLP and in Metaphorical Language, Director at the international school “Santé Libre”. He also uses Ericksonien Hypnosis, Bio-Memorised Cellular Cycles, Psycho-genealogy

* 2nd year to receive the validation of Biodecoding Counselor
* 3rd year to receive the validation of Psyho-Bio-Practitioner

Regular Registration: $2880 in 12 instalments monthly from Janvier to December 2022
Early Bird Registration: $2650 in 1 instalment by 5 Mar 2022

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Disclaimer: Biodecoding® is a set of hypotheses complementary to the work of the doctor and other health professionals such as psychologists, osteopaths, energeticians or physiotherapists... It does not replace the work of the latter and does not replace any treatment (pharmaceutical, surgical...).